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TrekAmerica: We'll See You Soon

09-04-2020 -- 17:26
TrekAmerica: We'll See You Soon
09-04-2020 -- 17:26
Win ANY TrekAmerica trip! #TrekOfaLifetime
30-10-2019 -- 13:39
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19-08-2019 -- 18:57
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29-07-2019 -- 17:44
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06-06-2019 -- 12:22
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03-05-2019 -- 16:37
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TrekAmerica FAQs: How much money do I need to take on my TrekAmerica tour?
13-08-2018 -- 16:13
TrekAmerica FAQs: How fit do i need to be for a TrekAmerica tour?
06-08-2018 -- 13:27
TrekAmerica FAQs: Can TrekAmerica cater for my dietary requirements?
22-05-2018 -- 13:57
TrekAmerica FAQs: Do I need a VISA?
11-05-2018 -- 15:18
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Way back in 1972, we set off on the open road with a van full of fun young people and one thing in mind: to experience the real Americas, and have an awesome time along the way. Over 40 years later, our ethos hasn't changed. We bring together groups of international travellers aged 18-38 to enjoy the best of the USA, Canada, Central and South America, taking in the big-hitting highlights from bustling cities to jaw-dropping national parks and everything in between. Travel with TrekAmerica and experience the ultimate adventure!