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Mushrooms 101: The Basics of Mushroom Foraging - Part 3

26-05-2021 -- 00:00
Mushrooms 101: The Basics of Mushroom Foraging - Part 3
26-05-2021 -- 00:00
Find Those Morel Mushrooms!
16-04-2021 -- 20:00
Mushrooms 101: Identification in Collection & Observation - Part 2
10-12-2020 -- 00:00
Mushrooms 101: Identification and Anatomy - Part 1
17-11-2020 -- 02:40
A mushroom, an astronaut and a dinosaur walk into a Yellow Elanor video…
01-08-2020 -- 17:00
Q&A! Mushrooms, LOTR, Star Wars, Social Distancing!
21-03-2020 -- 22:02
From Forest to Table: The Tool I LOVE When Foraging Wild Mushrooms
25-11-2019 -- 00:45
Finding the Spring Porcini and Family Mushroom Foray - Spring King - S2E9
21-11-2019 -- 00:45
Find and Identify the Matsutake Mushroom - Pine Mushroom - S2E8
13-11-2019 -- 00:45
Two Kids in a Candy Cap Shop - Lactarius rubidus
24-05-2019 -- 20:23
Lumni Lichen / Lumni-Spice and Dragon Slugs
05-05-2019 -- 02:43
Unapologetically Portland - Urban Foraging, Truffles, Live TV and Music (and good vegan food) - S2E6
01-02-2019 -- 23:12
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Yellow Elanor is a place where those new to the world of mushrooms can learn and develop their skills, where the more experienced are entertained and everyone alike can be inspired. When beginning my mushroom journey, I found it a challenge to figure out how to get started, especially trying to muddle my way through scientific terminology and technical jargon. Through the process of asking a lot of the same questions and wishing I had a resource to point me in the right direction, Yellow Elanor came to be. DO NOT CONSUME WILD MUSHROOMS/PLANTS UNLESS THEY HAVE BEEN CORRECTLY IDENTIFIED AS SAFE FOR CONSUMPTION. DESCRIPTIONS ON THIS CHANNEL ARE MERELY GUIDELINES TO BEGIN THE IDENTIFICATION PROCESS, NOT A SOURCE FOR THROUGH AND EXACT IDENTIFICATION. Happy And Safe Foraging To All!