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Looking For Bears - A Scenic Day Of Hiking and Packrafting

27-05-2020 -- 01:45
Looking For Bears - A Scenic Day Of Hiking and Packrafting
27-05-2020 -- 01:45
Out On The Land - A Beaver and a Carnivorous Feast
18-05-2020 -- 21:32
Out On The Land - Deforestation and Beaver Trapping For Food
11-05-2020 -- 04:26
Exploring A Beautiful Creek and Making Lynx Soup
14-04-2020 -- 01:16
07-04-2020 -- 01:08
A Bear, a Log Frame and a Backcountry Recipe
30-03-2020 -- 19:06
3 Books To Inspire
27-03-2020 -- 16:00
The Real Call Of The Wild
06-03-2020 -- 01:00
Off Grid With My Dog - Catching Our Food
24-02-2020 -- 23:30
Canoe Tripping My Trapping Territory
16-02-2020 -- 16:00
Life On The Trapline - Beaver, Beer and Gordon Lightfoot
28-01-2019 -- 22:43
Life On The Trapline - Setting Traps and Falling Through The Ice
25-01-2019 -- 16:36
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Hi, my name is Clint Zold. For as long as I can remember I have been in love with the wilderness. My great-grandfather began a legacy when he started a lodge in a remote region of Northern Ontario. It was there that my passion for the wild was born. Today, I hope to carry on his legacy of sharing the outdoors with others. Join me as I set out to rediscover the skills, knowledge, and lore of our predecessors and reconnect with our species' original natural environment - the Wilderness! Here you will find practical bushcraft tips, history, and my own adventures and misadventures. Enjoy!